You wouldn’t mail your social security number written on a postcard, would you?

We often take email for granted, but its simplicity and ease of use often leads end users to take its security for granted. When they click send, users trust that the message will arrive in the addressed inbox, never really aware of the process behind the transfer. Most emails make several unsecure stops on the way from sender to recipient, so unsecure email is vulnerable to interception if any of the servers that handle it are compromised.

For this reason, traditional email really does function much like dropping a postcard in the mailbox. Anyone who handles the postcard can clearly see the information it bears. This is why email encryption is so critically important.

CSi Networks offers an email encryption service that will work with your existing email service. For a low monthly fee you can send encrypted email when you need to, and send the rest normally when you don’t. It comes with a web portal, phone app, and plugins for Outlook, Gmail and Office 365.

It has advanced features such as message tracking, recall, reply and forward freeze, plus much more. Whether your company has compliance requirements or not, you can ensure that your emails are secure.

Contact CSi Networks today to secure your email from prying eyes.