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We deliver enterprise-grade hosted VoIP (voice over IP) features and award-winning voice quality with industry-leading reliability via the cloud.

The best hosted PBX features are now both accessible and affordable. CSi Networks brings you the power of an enterprise-grade phone system at a fraction of traditional costs.

Our plans include hosted PBX controls, award-winning voice quality, and top-rated customer service. Your local dial-tone, long-distance, voice-mail, and all of our advanced PBX features come standard in every plan.


Advantages of Hosted VoIP

Save on Your Phone Bill

The average company saves up to 50% by switching to VoIP. Free VoIP to VoIP calling, special features, and remote extensions included in every plan.

More Special Features

With VoIP, you can revolutionize your phone experience with features like CRM integration, send voicemail to email, and video conferencing.

Much Easier to Scale

Scaling is easy with VoIP. Just upgrade the software. That’s it. With traditional phone systems, you need to purchase and setup more hardware.

Flexible and Portable

Stay connected on the go. You can seamlessly answer office calls from your mobile device or laptop. Remote work just became easier.

So How Do We Get Started?

Let's Meet and Talk!

We meet with you and evaluate your needs, then you choose what’s best for you and we coordinate on a plan forward.

We Become Your Team

Your tech is our focal point as we keep things updated, protected, and maintained; always ready and available for you.

Sit Back & Relax

You’re covered! You now have an entire team of professionals at your disposal for less than the cost of one employee.

Five Departments. One Mission.

No matter what service or product we provide, our mission stays the same: Advancing Business Through Technology While Providing Excellent Customer Service

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“CSi Networks has been our only IT firm, since we became automated within our company, circa 1992. Since then, everything is seamless. We also have just one number to call if we have issues or concerns, and they are ALWAYS addressed.

Their service is incredibly reliable and they are an integrity based company for sure. No matter who I speak with, I am able to get the answer I was looking for in a timely manner. And if you have an emergency, they handle it as soon as possible, typically the same day.”

Christine Griffith

James Griffith Salon

Why You Should Choose Us

We know the systems, software and solutions to make your business run efficiently. CSi Networks has been the premier technology solutions provider for businesses in the Sarasota area for nearly 30 years.

With us, your backup data is stored away in multiple physical locations in the US, and saved at multiple timeframes, and monitored by our team around the clock.

We stop issues from forming and prepare your tech for changes. We closely monitor your systems and solve problems before you know they exist.

No matter how small or large your problem, we obsess over solving it. We give every customer the best customer service experience possible, every time.

No more dealing with multiple vendors, with varied results. Call us and we can handle everything for you.

We're Experienced, We Know Business

Iron-clad, No-Data-Loss Backup

We’re Prepared and Proactive

What Matters to You, Matters to Us

No Long Term Contracts

We Answer the Phone. Locally.

One Call for Your Technology Needs

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