Search Engine Optimization

seorankingsSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of marketing a website through effective content writing and content layout, while utilizing keywords and keyphrases so that the website can be indexed thoroughly and rank high in search results.

Humans see with their eyes, but the search engine robots read the “guts” of the page. How the site is structured, using the proper keywords, titles, headings and links at the proper places, in the proper context, and the proper number of times. Optimizing your web pages not just for humans but also for search engines is crucial.

Search-friendly Web Design

Our experienced SEO website design professionals understand both design and how the search engines work. They specialize in search engine friendly Web design strategies that look beautiful and help sites rank well in the search engines. View samples of our search-friendly web design.

Google Analytics

googleanalytics-sampleGoogle Analytics is one of the premier web analysis and reporting tools available to the public . This software is simple to install and the reports are easy to access. As an SEO tool, web analytic reporting is extremely important. It provides real results and otherwise hidden information about how your users are reacting to the site. Do they leave frequently or too often? Are they happy and converting to sales? Through Google Analytics reporting you’ll be able to cipher out the details and get to the issues that matter.

CSi Networks can assist in delivering timely analysis and reporting through Google Analytics. We will train you how to view your sites statistics, and how to put that information to work. Monthly reports can be automatically delivered via email with new traffic numbers, comparisons, and goal conversions (sales!). If you’re not looking at your visitor usage patterns, you’re not maximizing your potential.