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Sarasota IT Service Since 1992

Joe Brachle

President & CEO

When I created CSi Networks in Sarasota, Florida back in 1992, I did so with the need to help companies expand and maintain their business technology. I learned at an early age, while working with my father on radio systems, that technology was crucial for a business to succeed. Repairing and upgrading equipment didn’t just keep a business running, it also had potential to propel them further into success. With faster computers, better programs, and streamlined operations using tech, clients could have a clear advantage over their competition. This realization came to be our mission and slogan: “Advancing Business Through Technology”.

Our Team Becomes Your Team

Bill Garske

Bill Garske

Technology Architect

You should hear Bill sing. The guy’s a natural and he can sing in Spanish too. He’s working on Klingon.
Todd Florand

Todd Florand

Account Executive

Todd used to be a hair model. No, seriously. It’s still up in the air if he can do the “Blue Steel” pose or not.
Dana Brachle

Dana Brachle

Digital Marketing

Man, what a handsome guy. He’s definitely not typing his own bio right now. This is someone without a bias.
Vasilios Chatzistamatis

Vasilios Chatzistamatis

Technology Solutions Specialist

Try and pronounce his name. We’ll wait. “VC” can recite every Weird Al Yankovic lyric, and does so often.
Steve Geisert

Steve Geisert

Technical Support Engineer

Steve developed an app for the office to help us decide what to eat for lunch. We still can’t make a decision.

Chandler Wilhoit

Chandler Wilhoit

Customer Success Manager

Chandler might be the youngest here, but that doesn’t mean he’s the most immature. He keeps us in line.

David Johnson

David Johnson


He’s currently growing a beard so glorious that it rivals only his passion and knowledge for our industry.

Steven Ready

Steven Ready

Infrastructure Specialist

We call him “Captain Ready”. He served in the Marine Corps, that’s why he’s so cheerful in his picture.


Potential Team Member

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Five Departments. One Mission.

No matter what service or product we provide, our mission stays the same: Advancing Business Through Technology While Providing Excellent Customer Service

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“We feel way more safe and secure now that there is a group of trained professionals monitoring our technology and diagnosing any issues we may have. We love the quick response and turnaround time when we do have an issue.

Also, by working with the same IT professionals each time, they feel like they are a part of our team and not just a 3rd party company.

The knowledge and professionalism of CSi Networks is unmatched in the Sarasota area.”

Stephen J. Martin-Bennet

Lakehouse West Retirement Estate

Why You Should Choose Us

We know the systems, software and solutions to make your business run efficiently. CSi Networks has been the premier technology solutions provider for businesses in the Sarasota area for nearly 30 years.

With us, your backup data is stored away in multiple physical locations in the US, and saved at multiple timeframes, and monitored by our team around the clock.

We stop issues from forming and prepare your tech for changes. We closely monitor your systems and solve problems before you know they exist.

No matter how small or large your problem, we obsess over solving it. We give every customer the best customer service experience possible, every time.

No more dealing with multiple vendors, with varied results. Call us and we can handle everything for you.

We're Experienced, We Know Business

Iron-clad, No-Data-Loss Backup

We’re Prepared and Proactive

What Matters to You, Matters to Us

No Long Term Contracts

We Answer the Phone. Locally.

One Call for Your Technology Needs

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