With the overwhelming task of attracting visitors to your website, wouldn’t it be nice if you had something to help and guide you along the way?

With tools like Google Analytics, you can find out just how much of an impact your website is making on the Internet.

Google AnalyticsGoogle-Analytics-logo

Google Analytics is a web-based service offered by Google, which allows a user to view detailed statistics gathered from their website’s traffic.

The data generated includes:

  • Visitor count and visitor identity
  • Keywords the visitor used when using a search engine to find your site
  • Referral sites (such as an outside link to your website)
  • Plus much more!

The tools within Google Analytics are continually improving with new additions, like the latest Real-Time reporting function, where you can actually see visitor activity as it is happening.

Why does my website need Google Analytics?

googleanalytics-blogIf the description of the service hasn’t gotten you interested yet, maybe this will: it’s free. Yes, that’s right. You only need a Google account to sign up and get going; and chances are that if you have a Gmail email account or access to another Google service, you may already have a Google account. Plus, that’s not the only reason why many people find Google Analytics so attractive. It’s also very simple to use, so you don’t have to be some heavily experienced web master to improve upon your Internet marketing.

Simply go through the setup steps and you are on your way to viewing all sorts of fascinating stats about your website’s traffic.

Revolutionize your marketing!

With Google Analytics, you not only have the ability to see how many visitors you are attracting but you also have the power to improve your website’s ranking within search engine results.

seo-blogGoogle Analytics is a god-send when it comes to search engine optimization. You can adjust keywords within your webpages based on the popularity you’re seeing within your traffic reports or view which pages are on the rise and analyze that success so that you can replicate it through the rest of the website.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for any business with a website, and we at CSi Networks realize its usefulness and potential, which is why we add it to every website we create for our customers. We even include training dedicated to using Google Analytics so you will know just exactly how to take advantage of this most valuable system.

Would you like to know more about Google Analytics and how it can help optimize your website? Contact CSi Networks today!