surface-pro3With its portable features and Windows software capabilities, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 was advertised as “the tablet that can replace your laptop.”

But could it go so far as to replace your desktop?  With the addition of the new docking station add-on, some say yes.  This is also a subject that will open a much-heated debate: tablets vs. laptops, Windows vs. Macs, Microsoft & Apple, etc. etc.

For $190, the Surface Pro Docking Station allows the owner the capability to snap the tablet into a sturdy frame, revealing a now compact desktop of sorts.  You can use the set-up as is, connecting a wireless mouse, keyboard, and an external hard drive.  On the other hand, for the ultimate desktop experience, you can hook up a large-screen monitor to dominate your workspace and scoot the tablet off to the side.

The dock offers plenty of connectivity: six available USB ports, Ethernet, and audio.  The best feature of the dock is the Mini Display Port video output, which allows you to connect an external monitor and allows for immediate use as the tablet docked.  To add dual monitors an additional port is needed for the tablet.  Your resolution will also vary dependent upon the input source your monitor uses (HDMI, VGA, etc.).  You could possibly run into some scaling issues.  If this starts to sound as perplexing as a sweater-vest, remember: the CSi help desk is glad to assist.

The availability of the Surface Pro’s multi-usage functionality makes sense for many of today’s tablet users.  The fact remains that it is the hottest device in the enterprise.  Since our desktop will not transform into a mobile device, the Surface Pro 3 may very well tip the scales.