A 4-year-old computer, that is.

small-old-compIf you own a computer that happens to be over 3 years old, you could reap some nice benefits from buying a new one.  Research is believable, so we found a study done by Techaisle.com that agrees with us.  Their study compared 736 small businesses and found they all spent, on average, $427 per computer on repairs.  Repair costs, they found, is more than the cost of a new computer.

Productivity is lost to hours used up by repairs and upgrades. Small business owners and their employees are giving up precious hours just waiting for access to an unavailable machine. On top of time lost, the cost of this necessary upkeep is just another insult to injury.  A toll you pay for pushing a computer to its age limits.

We witness how small businesses benefit from new computers all the time. They experience better performance and increased speed. They save time and gain the availability to spend hours making money.  A new machine will give you the ability to multi-task better.  You will be able to run more applications at one time without feeling a lag in the system elsewhere. If you compare this to an older machine, the price just to avoid frustration is worth its weight in gold!

We ask our computers to “juggle” many different things while we are being productive. We like to have our CRM’s open, the internet, our email, videos, social media, accounting software. Having everything at our fingertips makes us feel like we are working to our full potential. If we spend our day striving to be as efficient as we possibly can, wouldn’t we want our computer to run just as efficiently?

The total cost lost to maintenance and productivity was a staggering $4,203 a year. This was for an average small business with six computers, half of them 4 years or older and the other half under 4 years.  For that price, you could buy nearly 10 new desktop computers.

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