Do you sometimes find yourself wondering, “Why doesn’t my website seem to be generating much business?” If your website seems to be under-performing to your satisfaction, it’s time to discover the possible “why”.

The following are 5 common mistakes that many businesses make with their website:

Too many graphics

Not only do photos slow loading times, requiring users to wait for your site to load, but they’ll also increase the size of the page and aren’t search engine friendly. When you have too much material on one page it’s easy for the eye to lose its focus.

The User should know what your site is about in seconds

Attention is one of the most valuable currencies on the internet. Your site should say very clearly why they should be there, and what to do next …FAST!

Spelling and grammatical mistakes

What’s not scary about deciding on a professional company, only to find out their site is riddled with spelling errors? The level of quality displayed says something about the standard your company sets. Make sure that links and content are double-checked by a second set of eyes.

The Auto-Play Button

Having video and music on your website isn’t always bad, but having it automatically play upon visiting your site can literally scare visitors. Bottom line: don’t force a visitor to watch or listen to something they don’t want to.

Clear Contact Information

Amazingly enough, this is very common. If your contact information is so buried in your site that visitors don’t know where to look, they probably won’t bother.¬† Have a clearly defined “Contact” button in an extremely visible location and it should take one click to get there.

By addressing these issues and taking action, you can make your website much more appealing and increase your chances of converting online searchers into new customers.

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