hosted-voip-phoneMany businesses today have aging phone systems that need to be replaced. Traditional PBX phone systems and handsets cost thousands of dollars and can be expensive to implement.

Fortunately, hosted Voice over IP systems (VOIP) can replace your existing phone system with little to no up-front costs, while reducing your monthly phone service bill. Instead of using traditional phone lines, the hosted VOIP system uses your existing internet connection to make and receive phone calls.

Since the system is centralized on the internet, your phone system can function anywhere at any time. This works great for businesses with multiple locations and for users on the go. Because the system is fully hosted in the cloud, it offers a wide array of capabilities that traditional phone systems can’t match.


Here are some of the benefits from a hosted VOIP system:


  • With unlimited inbound and outbound lines, your customers will never get a busy signal again.
  • Flexible dial plans allow calls to be routed to exactly where they need to go, even to cell phones.
  • Unified communications links your phone system to your email and CRM system.
  • Domestic calls are free and international calls are much less than traditional phone carriers.
  • The Smartphone App allows you to make and receive calls through your business phone system while on the go.
  • With the easy to use web application, you won’t have to call your phone guy to make changes to extensions, voicemail or call routing.
  • The hosted VOIP system scales to the size of your business. Add phones when you need to. You only pay for the capacity you actually need.
  • A detailed call reporting system allows you to track your call history at any time.
  • No long term contracts are required. You can go with month-to-month service.

There are many more features that hosted VOIP has to offer. Thousands of businesses are enjoying these features while saving money on their phone service at the same time.

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