sonicwall-tz-series-thumbHow are you currently protecting your business and your crucial data?

Everyday a new threat from the internet arises. You face more than random hackers. You face both the proliferation of advanced persistent threats and a new breed of professional cyber criminals that coordinate attacks across multiple vectors and threat categories to achieve a single goal: targeting your organization.

Did you know?…

  • 100,000 new malware samples are captured each day. That’s over 69 threats created per minute!
  • 35% of corporate network traffic is encrypted using SSL. Without proper SSL decryption and inspection, networks are blind to 1/3 of their traffic. Attackers utilizing SSL will be 100% successful unless your network security solution can decrypt SSL traffic

So how do you organize your defenses against malware, intrusions, spyware, spam and more?

CSi Networks has a solution. A connected solution.

Connected threats require equally connected security approaches that collect security intelligence from the full threat landscape to enable counter-measures that effectively defend against multi-dimensional attacks.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dell to provide the latest in security appliances. Introducing the Dell SonicWALL…

All Dell SonicWALL security solutions contribute to and leverage Dell SonicWALL’s Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) Network.

Gathering input from millions of sensors including anti-spam clients, email mailboxes, content-filtering clients and other critical sources.

Analyzing data from this cross-vector array of security inputs.

Reports security findings across all solutions.

Acts on an analysis of the full context of the data.

The result? Truly proactive counter-measures that defend against multi-dimensional attacks.

CSi Networks is a Preferred Dell SonicWall provider with the knowledge and expertise to implement and manage these devices. Ask us today about how we can help keep your business secure!