IT Services

CSi Networks has the expertise to keep you updated with the latest technology while keeping your business running. We offer quick and friendly computer repair support so that your operations can function at their peak without troublesome downtime.

That’s our goal at CSi Networks. It even says it in our name, “Advancing Business Through Technology“. We are dedicated to improving your business every time we work with you. Whether we’re configuring your hardware, helping you manage your inventory or installing software on your systems, CSi Networks technicians provide a variety of in-house services to make your day a little easier, and your establishment, a little better.


cogsManaged IT Services

CSi Networks provides Managed IT Services, the technology lifeline for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a comprehensive set of resources that proactively monitors and manages your entire computer system. This proactive approach is designed to reduce computer downtime and anticipate problems before they arise. CSi Networks will be your single point of contact for all of your IT service and support needs.



cables smallNetwork Consulting

CSi Networks provides networking experts with diverse and proficient backgrounds. Our specialists are experienced at identifying business requirements and aligning network technologies to support and achieve corporate goals. Our consultants get to know your business, developing a “big picture” view of your individual requirements and then designing, implementing, and managing your custom network. Solutions are always built upon a proven framework of standards and methodologies.



padlockNetwork Security

Security takes on a critical role in today’s information economy, as companies are compelled to open their Information Technology infrastructure and corporate resources to the outside world. Where knowledge is wealth, secure access is the key. Protect your vital data and intellectual property with comprehensive security solutions from CSi Networks.



delete key smallBackup and Recovery

Don’t risk your important data another day, with CSi Networks’ backup and recovery plans! You can rest assured that all of your business critical information is securely backed up, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on your work. CSi Total Backup is the safest and most reliable way to protect your data.



dollarBusiness Leasing Services

Financial and technological flexibility—it’s the single most common reason companies decide to lease instead of buy. You retain control of your operating capital and existing lines of credit and can use them for projects that will make your business grow—from marketing programs to inventory.



healthEHR Security Risk Analysis

CSi Networks now provides Health Professionals and their companies a comprehensive security analysis of their networks and Electronic Health Records systems. CSi will provide your company with a full Security Risk Analysis, providing you with a plan to keep your data safe and secure.