Eliminate the fluffy overhead you consider menial – and start spending that extra breathing room on preparing for growth.

Here are 5 quick ways you can jump on the savings starting today!


internet-toolboxAnalyze the Technology Used in Your Business. Software, equipment and opening new doors for growth possibilities could become what sets you apart from your competition.  Many times upgrades or replacing devices could advance you past the point of financial savings.

Switch Over to Voice Over IP. VoIP offers significant savings, as well as enables productivity, efficiency and even offers speedy recovery in the chance of a disaster.  Because all the features of an IP phone system are cloud based, accessed via the internet, you avoid the damages associated with physical system equipment. This can also enable your business to avoid business-crippling downtime.
Learn more about VoIP.

Embrace the Cloud. Cloud technology’s flexible, scalable, and on-demand nature can eliminate the need for depreciating hardware in some circumstances.  Mobile apps are replacing costly software, and the end user can pay for only what they need. The Cloud also replaces expensive physical storage space, and supports cost-effective disaster recovery.

Conduct Online Meetings. Cut down on time traveled, driving expenses, and avoiding having the company pay the entire lunch bill. Online meetings conducted over Skype can save a substantial amount of time and money.

Switch over to a Managed Services Provider (aka Subscription based) for Web & IT Services.
CSi Networks wants to be your single point of contact for all of your IT service and support needs.  We work with your hardware and software vendors on your behalf to remediate any of your support issues so you don’t have to!  For a fixed monthly fee, you are providing your company with the sense of urgency, skillset, and value that only CSi can provide.  Compare that to the cost of a full-time on-staff technician or web designer, and easily it’s a “win win” for lowering your overhead in 2015. Learn more about how we can take care of your all your IT & Web needs.

Ask us today how we can help you to use technology to cut your overhead costs.