2015-newyearsAs we approach the new year, a lot of us set some pretty ambitious goals aimed at improving our lives. I myself plan on visiting the gym at the first chance I get, and then quickly realize I should have went with another resolution. I can always fall back to photo shopping six pack abs onto myself, right?

Being your neighborhood-friendly band of geeks, we at CSi Networks believe in making some New Years resolutions for your technology as well. As far as I know your computer doesn’t crave fast food, so whipping it into shape shouldn’t be too difficult.


Here are a few computer-related resolutions we recommend making:


1. “I resolve to read all dialog and warning boxes when they appear.

Like most of us, you do not have time for annoying pop-ups. The only problem with that is ”Yes” will not always be the right option. Don’t just keep clicking yes in order to make the messages disappear. With malicious pop-ups, clicking any option can have bad results, so sometimes you may have the opportunity to press ALT + F4 in order to close out of your browser.

2. “I resolve to inquire about the CSi Networks EchoSecure Program, so my files are regularly and automatically backed up.

This one is simple. All it takes to get started and safeguard your data is to give us a quick call. Many people fail to have a backup plan for their important files and data. If this includes you, now is the time to prepare. If you sign up for our Total Care package, you receive the EchoSecure program included automatically! Give yourself some peace of mind this year.

3. “I resolve to describe my problems in detail when asking for help.

When you run into an issue you can’t solve, the last thing you feel like doing is slowing down and taking a breath. We fully understand. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at all the pieces. Was there a specific error message or code that you encountered? Maybe you made a recent change to a program or updated that program? All of these tiny details help. Of course being too detailed can be unproductive too. The technician on the phone may not be familiar with your brand new “degrammulation inner coil motor-mount drive” (or any technician for that matter, because I just made that one up) but if you stick to the higher level details, you may have better results. If all else fails, you can always talk to us. We make great geek-speak translators.

4. “I resolve to think twice, thrice, better yet, maybe ten times before posting on Facebook or Twitter.

I think we all know this one well. Sure, it’s cute reminiscing about the days of old, but when jail house photos start popping up touting of “toilet merlot” ventures, it’s time to pull back on the reins. It is only in YOUR best interest not to reveal your days spent in a Mexican prison (I’m looking at you, Mom!). Don’t get me wrong, I love a charming prison story as much as the next person – just know your audience.

We hope you see the wisdom woven into our twisted sense of humor, and from all of us here at CSi Networks, we wish you a safe and happy New Years Eve and may 2015 be the most enjoyable and prosperous year for you yet!