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CSi Managed Services Programs are a comprehensive set of resources that proactively monitor and manage your technology systems, becoming the lifeline for small and medium-sized business. This can include servers, networks, workstations, laptops, websites, data & backup storage, phones (desk and cell), and video surveillance along with security protection.

Your network notifies us immediately when problems occur, reducing downtime by proactively solving problems before they develop.

If you have ever experienced the loss of a critical application at an in-opportune time or sent employees home early waiting for the network to be fixed, then you understand downtime and lost productivity impacting your business revenue and bottom line.

How does budgeting for IT from year to year, or even from month to month affect you? Wonder if there is a better, more reliable and predictable way to manage your entire network?

CSi Networks has plans uniquely designed to your specific needs.

  • Ensuring sustained and continuous access to your discrete business service applications such as accounting, scheduling, communication, email, web applications and others
  • Guaranteed predictability of your IT spending – No more emergency fees! No maintenance overage or fees for software updates. One monthly fee is all you pay!
  • Providing the highest priority response for network issues – If something unpreventable does occur on your network, you will move to the top of the service queue, where we will immediately begin work on resolving the issue and getting you back to business fast
  • Optimizing network performance – We provide unlimited preventative maintenance activities on those devices that support your critical business applications
  • Total support for your employees with unlimited Helpdesk access

Fixed Cost IT – it’s that simple! For a fixed monthly fee, we will work with you to understand your business availability needs and budget concerns. We will run a baseline assessment of your existing infrastructure to understand any potential weaknesses. Then we will custom tailor a service level agreement that defines your expectations and needs. Then we’ll deliver on it. It’s that simple.

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